Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiters are small freight Elevators (or lifts) which are used to carry objects . We have Small lifts installed in Hotels' Kitchens for transferring cooked hot food, raw materials etc. to various pantries at all floors in multi-storied hotels, large households, marriage halls, restaurants, etc. Dumbwaiters which are used for kitchens are usually made of stainless steel so that they are not affected by steam, hot food, water, etc. These can also be of S.S. or M.S or GLASS.

Capacities 100 Kgs 150 Kgs 200 Kgs 250 Kgs
Speed / Drive 0.25 / 0.50 metre per second
Drive A.C. VVVF
Car Mild Steel (Spray Painted) or Stainless Steel
Landing Doors Mild Steel (Spray Painted) or Stainless Steel
Vertical lifting type or vertical bi-parting type
Control Call & Send Systems
Indicators 'Car Here' indication

Company Profile:

Frankson is one of the fastest growing companies having in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities. Being a Private Limited Company , It is established in 1988 having a blend of professionals and technocrats. We have invaluable insight into the strengths and weakness of the ELEVATORS of different makes offered by both indigenous and multinational companies. We have done extensive market studies in the ELEVATOR business. We believe in up-gradation, innovation , passion & learning for perfection in an industry where technology obsolescence is occurring at breath taking speed and the customer’s expectations demands drastic changes. We have a team of experienced technical personnel including Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineers & we have already installed a large number of lifts at various Private & Government Organizations. Our Company is offering an wide range of hospital elevators especially because hospital equipments are quite heavy to carry, Our Company is Manufacturers of wide range of hydraulic [Passenger] lifts, hydraulic Goods elevators, hydraulic lift platforms, that are specifically designed by our Team of skilled professionals.



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